Activists Form Mother’s Day Bail Out

The activist group Portland’s Resistance started a crowd funding campaign Sunday to bail out moms so they can reunite with their children on Mother’s Day.

The group is hoping to raise $25,000 by Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, to secure the release of at least five black women from jail. By Tuesday, they had raised almost $9,000.

“Our focus is on Black women and mothers trapped in the unjust system of pay-to-play civil liberties. Women should have the opportunity to be free from jail and in the company of their families on Mother’s Day, and every day,” a message from Portland Resistance’s campaign website stated.

As the freed women appear for their future court dates, their bail amounts would be released and plans call for the monies to be returned to Portland’s Resistance. The group has vowed to apply 100 percent of the funds to their next bail out campaign scheduled for Father’s Day on June 17 and on June 19 for Juneteenth, the festival held by African Americans to celebrate emancipation from slavery.

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