Adjusting to Darker Days

Fall is here, the days are shorter. The dark is coming fast. When the sun isn’t up when you wake up and it’s dark before you head home at night, you can feel like hibernating like a bear. A trip to any place where the sun shines would help you get through winter. If only you could migrate with the seasons. But no; you have to stay and work in gray, rainy Portland.

There is help. All you have to do is trick your body to think that the sun is shining. An easy method is to change your lighting environment to a more natural kind of light by using high CRI (High Color Rendering Index) lamps to mimicking sunlight in your office or home. You use your own fixtures. Just change your bulbs.

Halogen bulbs provide a light that is about 100 percent of early morning light. Neodymium, a screw-in Incandescent bulb, is like afternoon light. Invented in Finland, these bulbs are popular in Europe because the light has a more natural balance of color. Great for reading, and great for changing your mood if impacted by seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Both kinds of light come in the standard shapes and flood lights for your standard fixtures

I offer the small LED Lightbook Advantage that provides the feel of sunshine in a book size unit you use 15 minutes to start your day.

Visit me at Sunlan Lighting, 3951 N. Mississippi Ave., for light bulbs and lamps to light up your world.