Russell Clinic Expands

Second dentist to serve low-income community

The Russell Street Dental Clinic, which has served low-income community members from its north Portland headquarters for over 40 years, recently hired a second full time dentist and is now accepting new patients and celebrating by holding an open house this Saturday afternoon.

The clinic, which is operated by Oregon Health and Sciences University, also recently upgraded their facilities, taking down a barrier near the reception desk.

“Now it's open and nice,” Russell Street Dental Clinic Practice Manager Lisa DiTommaso told the Portland Observer. “We've planted shrubs and plants outside so we've made it look more inviting and welcoming.”

The clinic was previously unable to take new patients for the past year as only one dentist, Dr. Dmitri Aleksandrov, worked there. Now they have a second-full time dentist, Dr. Erin Waid, to help shoulder the patient load, DiTommaso said.

The clinic accepts Oregon Health Plan, as well as private insurance, and has a sliding scale fee which may benefit low income people.

“It's based on the federal poverty level. So patients depending on their income will either get a 25 percent or 40 percent discount if they qualify. They need to bring in proof of income when they come in,“ DiTommaso said.

Preventative care, cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, partial or full dentures, and crowns are some of the services the clinic provides.

The open house of the clinic is this Saturday, Sept. 15, at 214 N Russell St. from 1pm t o 3pm. More information can be found by calling the clinic at 503-494-6822 or by sending an email to