Knowing the Color of LED Bulbs

Tips from the Light Bulb Lady

One of the biggest problems with LED bulbs is knowing what color the bulbs produce. At Sunlan Lighting you will find a hands-on display to learn how the colors of the LED impact you.

The colors of light are given numerical names based on the Kelvin scale. 27K or 2700 is the color of early morning sunshine. The color becomes whiter as the day takes hold at 30K or 3000 Kelvin and even whiter at 35K or 3500 Kelvin. The sun changes color all day long until the moon takes over with her own soft light. Descriptions like soft white, warm white, day light and natural light have been common with the older fluorescent lights. The same words used by different LED companies may refer to different Kelvins. The key is to look for the Kelvin number to be sure you are getting the color of light you want.

By another measurement, the Color Rendering Index for daylight was 80 CRI for fluorescent bulbs, but LED bulbs range from 70 to 90 CRI. To enjoy seeing the colors that look as they would in full daylight, choose a bulb that is 90 CRI. You can usually find all the information you need on the box. But if the information is not printed, it is not one of the features of the bulb. In our next column, we will look at the characteristics of the 5000 Kelvin LED bulb.

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