Embracing a World of Joy

Holiday show for young and old alike

A show for young and old alike, Portland’s musical theater company Stumptown Stages presents A Carol for Christmas, a new musical inspired by Charles Dickens' classic ghost story and set in the Midwest during America’s 1930’s Depression Era.

The play’s themes of greed, bigotry, contempt and apathy ring true today as they did then.  

A Carol for Christmas shows each of us, what, when embraced, a world of joy, friendship and giving might do for the greater good. The original score written by Janet Mouser and James Campodonico is filled with new holiday songs that celebrate the season.

Opens Saturday, Nov. 27 and shows through Sunday, Dec. 19 at Portland’5 Winningstad Theater, downtown. To purchase tickets, visit stumptownstages.org or call the box office at 1-800-915-4698.