Barbecue Chef Gets Much Needed Help

Neighbors rally to keep operator in business, housed

James Dixon, a well known Portland entrepreneur who has served generations of families from his Dixon’s Rib Pit barbecue cart in the Alberta district is getting some much needed help after the theft of his grilling equipment and the pending loss of his rented home in the same neighborhood.

According to neighbors who are rallying to support the long time Black community resident, Dixon has been a selfless and caring friend to many in the community.

Daniel Greenstadt and other neighbors started a GoFundMe account last week to help Dixon recover from the theft and help him get his rib pit back up and running, along some financial help to find another place to live and stay in the neighborhood. Already, more than $8,000 was raised after just a few days and a TV news report on his plight.

Dixon’s handmade barbecue smoker and trailer were stolen from his home on May 15. Unfortunately, it followed the loss of his beloved wife who died last year and current plans by his landlord to sell the home he has called home for years.

“As you can imagine, the housing challenge is a difficult one, and we are appealing to any individuals or organizations who may be able to help financially or with other resources in the search for an appropriate and affordable place for Mr. Dixon to hang his hat,” Greenstadt said.

Already more than $8,000 has been pledged after a TV news report on Dixon’s plight.

“Mr. Dixon has given so much for so many years to so many people in so many ways that he’s touched a lot of lives, and he’s never asked for anything,” Greenstadt said in his gofundme post. “We hope to replace his equipment and get him up and running for the summer BBQ season and beyond.”

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