Darleen Ortega

Darleen Ortega has been a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals since 2003 and is the first woman of color to serve in that capacity. She sees two to three films a week and has been writing about movies for well over a decade, including blogging two film festivals and publishing a list of the year's best films. You can find her movie blog at www.opinionatedjudge.blogspot.com.

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Humanity Shines in ‘Sweat’

A timely insight into today’s economic woes

As the world of the union workers begins to crumble, we see how easily they can be pitted against each other

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‘The Two Popes,’ a Compelling Drama

Film approaches questions of faith with nuance and respect.

Those who are not religious may not immediately be drawn to this material, but the filmmakers help you understand why you should care.

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Armory

Local actors front award-winning rock musical

For the uninitiated, "Hedwig" is a gritty, glittery drag-punk musical centered on two characters.

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Good Cheer for Miss Bennet’s Christmas

Christmas play at the Armory

Play builds on the old and familiar notes of a Regency romantic comedy, picking up where Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" leaves off.

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Steeped in African Consciousness

Pulitzer prize winning play at the Imago Theater

Play tells the story of Mama Nadi, whose brothel serves soldiers and includes women brutalized by the Congolese war.

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Confronting the Erasure of Women in Juarez

New play bears witness to heartache

Since 1993, the women of Juárez, Mexico have been disappearing and no one has solved the mystery

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Race and Truths Unfold in ‘Redwood’

Play looks at deep questions about race

Dramatic action punctuated with hip-hop dance moves

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Play Inspired by AIDS Chaos

Profile Theatre makes the writers of original plays its focus

This production will keep you laughing and leave you with lots to chew on

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Something for Every Taste

Oregon Shakespeare Festival season near complete

As the long season of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival nears it close, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to offer five more reasons to head to Ashland

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Road Trips of Cultural Connections

Ashland plays brings richness of Latinx experience

One diverse and largely Latin American cast performs two plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this season, offering opportunities for them, and us, to explore the complexity and richness of Latinx experience.

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